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Ayurvedic Herbs – by Secrets of India

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All these Natural herbs help in your everyday health as food supplements.

1. Detox and position your digestive system

Trifla: Detoxes and cleanses, anti-aging, improves eyesight, repairs damaged cells and aids weight loss (2 at BEDTIME).

Khanchanara: Helps cleanse digestive system, ulcers, red blood cells, cleanse skin and liver.

Haritaki: Removes fat, detoxes, provides vitamin C, reduces headaches, aids weight loss, helps improve hyperthyroidisms and hernia.

Karela: Lowers sugar levels, especially type 2, boosts digestive system, improves breast cancer, and aids weight loss.

Natural Slim Sprinkle: loses weight, reduces body fat by controls nibbling.

2. Weight loss and remove fat

Guggul: Speeds up metabolism, helps in weight loss, burns more calories (1 hour AFTER meals), lowers Cholesterol, protects blood vessels, increases plasma.

Amla: reduces hair loss, improves the immune system, helps with constipation, boosts metabolism for weight loss.

3. Keeping your body slim and trim

Turmeric: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, liver, detoxes, gas, cartilage, bone structure, depression, skin, STOPS re-growth of fat after weight loss.

Tulsi: improves cold, cough, fever, migraine, sinus, improves the immune system, and aids in weight loss. It also helps take away the stress, improves sleep quality, relaxes and improves memory.

Ashwagandha: boosts energy levels, useful for joint and muscles pains.

4. Women’s herbs

Shatawari: Increases breast milk, balances Hormones, menopause– hot flashes.

AshokaA women’s dream, helps gynaecological, leucorrhoea, menstrual, bleeding, pain, diarrhoea, improves complexion and blood burning sensation.

4.1. Improve your Skin

Neem: Eliminates skin diseases, blemishes on the face, foot gout, joints, purifies the blood.

4.2. Blood pressure

Arjun: Improves blood pressure, strengthens the heart by Calcium, Q10, prevents a heart attack.

4.3. Look after your joints and bones

Salai Guggul: Reduces arthritis pain, joint inflammation & swelling.

4.4. Libido – Improve sex drive

Gokhru: Increases sex drive, boosts testosterone, body building, bone marrow.

Kaunch: Helps in early ejaculation, slows Parkinson’s disease, increase sex drive.

5. To reduce stress and have a sound sleep

Shankhpushpi: Mental stimulation, rejuvenation, learning and memory, sleep, reduces stress, tranquillizing properties, enhances brain function.



  • Bronchitis, Asthma, strengthens immune system, haemorrhoids
  • Controls acidity, protects kidneys, removes urinary stones, perspiration, gonorrhoea
  • Hernia, prostate, cysts, tumours, tonsils
  • Improves kidney function, controls high blood pressure, gives life and energy 


  • Soothe throat pain, respiratory, digestive disorders, acidity, ulcers bronchial
  • Anti-stress, reduces joint pain, laxative

More information and details about the benefits of each herb can be found in the below documents. Secrets of India’s herbs are 100% organic and natural. Help strengthen your body from within.

Ayurvedic Herbs at Secrets of India.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Herbs in detail.


Share with your friends, you may help someone in need!

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