Medohar Guggul


Medohar helps to reduce obesity. Helps in the treatment of fatty enlarged liver. It acts as an adjuvant therapy to lower cholesterol in the body.


  • Maintains general health and vitality


  • Supports the metabolic rate of the body


  • Makes the digestion tract more efficient


  • Reduces the body’s ability to store fat



Medohar is a herbal product which slowly dissolves all the unwanted fat from the muscle and tissues and prevents any unwanted deposited of fat and uses the glucose content properly. It is a blend of natural weight loss remedies that prevents deposition of fats and reduce weight naturally.

It provides energy in order to do physical exercises. Medohar fulfils the deficiency of various vitamins which are needed to carry out daily works. It eliminates the thickness of the blood and clots present in the blood.

Medohar also increases immunity and helps to fight against any probable attack of microbes. It clears the clogged heart muscles and helps to keep the heart healthy. Another benefit to this herb is it helps in clearing the lungs and respiratory track in order to get free flow of the oxygen. It is also best used in case of Asthma where lungs gets fat accumulation and unable to function properly.

Medohar also purifies the blood and makes it free from any harmful things. It helps to have cleansing effects on the body also. It removes all kinds of harmful microbes and bacteria from the body and helps in protecting against chronic diseases. It maintains the lipids level in the body and control the cholesterol level.


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